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Who Are We

We are a digital marketing agency focusing on SEO growth for organic digital marketing.

Ruby Red Media was established in April of 2016 in Baton Rouge, LA. Since then, we have grown to national and global levels.

We have successfully helped and continue to help grow the reputations of customers from all over the United States and Canada through search engine optimization, analytic reporting, and innovative software developments to give customers the best digital marketing strategy possible.

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What We're Known For


Driving Traffic

Are you being found by as many customers as you would like? We help more customers find you. Get more website clicks and customer visits leading to more web sales. 

Stop searching tirelessly for the sales you need each munch. Let your customers come to you! 

Generating Leads

Your website should be an asset to your company. Done right, your website can generate more traffic and make your business more money.

Establish a website presence that brings your customers to you and creates more lead opportunities. 

Drawing on a Board

Best of Both Worlds Websites

There are pretty websites and there are successful websites. Who says you can't have both?

Your website should be attractive and effectively reflect your company's appearance. At the same time, it should also be bringing in traffic and making more sales. 

Don't settle for less. Get a website that can do it all.

Time-Saving Efficiency

Make your website your ultimate working employee for your company.

Get a website that can generate leads, promote products and services, and close the deal like a sales rep. 

Get a website that can schedule and manage appointments for you. Simple, online scheduling solutions for your customers; efficient time-saving results for you. 

Hire your website and maximize the many tools and benefits it can offer to your business. 

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Reputation Building 

Online reviews have so much power. They are the word of mouth advertising of today's time. If your reviews aren't up to par, it can be a struggle for many businesses to overcome. 

Get review reputation building that speaks for itself.

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Get Informed

What Does Ruby Red Media Do?

Think of Ruby Red Media as your secret weapon. 

We effectively get you found in more places on the web to target more traffic flow to your website. 

We offer a range of options to get you found by your customers more easily. When more customers can find you, it gives you more opportunities to close the deal and make the sale. 

Ruby Red Media offers services in:

  • Lead Generation

  • Traffic Growth

  • Website Design

  • Reputation Building

  • Social Media

What is Search Engine Optimization?

​Search Engine Optimization is when your website and content are designed to more easily and effectively be found by customers without needing to buy every single click.

Say you are looking to buy some running shoes. You go online and do a Google search. You click on the first few links, compare options, and you buy your new shoes. 

SEO is why you clicked on those first few links. Those websites are considered the best options by Google to buy shoes and are most likely to be recommended during those searches. 

How Can I Improve My Business with Ruby Red Media?

We have one goal: to get you more customers. We get your website more traffic and more customers to bring you more lead generation and ultimately more sales. We also get your website listed in more places throughout the web so your customer can find you in more places. 

Do I Need Monthly SEO Services?

For a fully successful strategy, yes.

Think about your Google Ranking like a credit score. A lot goes into building a good credit score. The more you contribute to maintaining your credit, the more trustworthy you become with your credit. This leads to a higher credit score and more trust to use your credit. However, if you start missing payments, your score declines and you face consequences of poorer credit over time. 

Similarly, when you build up an SEO ranking, it has to continue to be maintained to hold onto the trust that has been built into your website. 

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