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Top Super Bowl Commercials 2021

Super Bowl Sunday:

For many, it's like a national holiday and one of the biggest days of the year. We throw or attend Super Bowl parties, cheer on our teams throughout the big game, and maybe even enjoy some rivalry competition.

Another huge part of the Super Bowl Sunday experience is the commercials.

While we typically hate the delays of commercials and advertisements something about the atmosphere of the game tied in with the extra impressiveness of the commercials themselves has come to make commercials an exciting part of the biggest game of the year.

This year for Super Bowl 55, we saw many great commercials. There were a lot of extremely creative ones that stood out throughout the night. We saw many creative marketing tactics this year like the "When Life Gives You a Lemon of a Year" commercial from Bud Light Seltzer. Some made entertainingly good points on the value of their services, like Rocket Mortgage's "Pretty Sure" Commercial. All and all, the marketing was great this year and it was difficult to pick a top 3 (plus an honorable mention) but we did and here they are.

Honorable Mention: T-Mobile - Adam Levine Sets Up Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

How much of a difference can a bad network connection have? When Gwen calls Adam to set her up on a date, her spotty connection has a big impact on the results of her date. The funny commercial pokes fun at the relationship of Blake and Gwen and shows a creative display of having a good network service. Check out Blake and Gwen's blind date below.

3. Bud Light - Bud Light Legends

When Bud Light goes missing from stores, who can help save the day? Bud Light has had many creative commercials of the past and this commercial brings back some of the many memorable Bud Light Legends to save the day and return Bud Light to stores. How do their heroic efforts play out? Check out the Bud Light Legends commercial below.

2.Paramount+ - Expedition Sweet Victory

We saw several Paramount+ commercials which eventually began to form an overall story of beloved TV-show characters climbing a mountain. In the climactic conclusion of the commercial series, we see the characters reach the top of the mountain and an epic performance of Spongebob at the Bubble Bowl begins. Why are they on the mountain? Watch below to find out.

1. Cheetos - It Wasn't Me

Cheetos did an incredible job with their "It Wasn't Me" commercial featuring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Shaggy. The commercial shows Ashon asking his wife if she took his Cheetos. A guilty, orange dust-covered Mila looks to Shaggy for an answer. Shaggy's answer to her: you guessed it. "Just say it wasn't you." A hilarious parody of the song ensues. See how Shaggy's advice worked for Mila in the video below.

Our top picks were based on factors that made the commercials enjoyable. Were they funny? Did they bring up nostalgic thoughts or memories? Were they punny or creative? After all, creative marketing is based on how we feel and react to what we see in the ad.

What did you think of the Super Bowl Commercials? Tell us about your favorites in the comments.

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